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Equine Reiki 

More Equine Rescues and Boarding Facilities are taking advantage of the healing benefits of Equine Reiki. Stagnant and blocked energy can result from emotional and physical trauma, training issues or dietary changes. A Reiki session feels like a wonderful flowing radiance that surrounds and fills your equine friend which includes feelings of relaxation, peace and well being that promotes healing.

Reduces Stress
Reduces Anxiety and Depression
Improves Physical, Mental and Emotional Health
Improves Training Awareness
May Help Ease Pain
Comforts Horses Who Are Nearing End of Life
Comforts Mares Who Recently Gave Birth

Our Clients Say

Lucy Reiki pic.jpg
"We have had a great experience with Melanie working with several of our horses. One of our horses was in severe pain due to rotated coffin bones among other things causing pain in her hooves. She definitely felt some relief when Melanie worked with her."
"One of Melanie's truly unique personal characteristics is her gentle, calm demeanor. She has been especially helpful to Setter, one of our senior horses with Cushings disease and Ricky, an Appaloosa who is partially blind who was super skiddish upon adoption. She provides much needed tactile compassion to horses who have experienced assault, neglect and injury."
- Karin V, Seabridge Equine Rescue

- Day Iseminger, Woerth It Hollow

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